Summer Fun Activity Guide at South Whidbey Community Center

723 Camano Ave,Langley, WA 98260 360-221-0663

A collective Space for families, schools and community to collaborate, learn and celebrate.

Free Play Space - Monday -Thursday 9-5pm - Rec Room 121

Come and enjoy the Rec room with your family. Play pool, ping pong, foosball, board games or just hang out and read a book. 

South Whidbey Community Campus Partner Free Offerings

One Free Intro Karate Class - Tiger Martial Arts - Every Tuesday and Thursday July and August

3-3:45pm 8 Years and Up and 4-4:45pm 6 and 7 Years

There's more to karate than kicking and punching. It has been found that children have improvement in all aspects of their lives when they participate in karate. Contact Sensei Wendi prior to attending. 360-632-9629 or

Woodcarving Night - The Learning Lab -Wednesdays - June 19, 26 6-8:30pm

Join master woodcarver Don Bundy Wed evenings - let's just carve some wood. Don will be there in residence, he'll be carving too, and you're welcome to join in... just for the fun of it. Bring your own tools if you have them, if not, we have some you can borrow.

Round Table - The Learning Lab -June 20th, July 18th Thursday 7- 8:30pm

Subject: Fumes, Dyes, and Stains... Anything that gives wood color or enhances wood in any way is the topic of discussion. Everyone is Welcome.

The Backyard Turns 1! - June 22nd  Saturday  The Cooler

10:30-11:30pm FREE Community BYKB workout Celebrate! 12-3pm One Year Party: Come celebrate with us over games, food, and friends!

Free Rubatano Marimba Class  Instructor Dana Moffett - July 9th Tuesday  Room 111

11am-12pm 6-7 Years Old and 12:30pm-1:30pm 8-12 Years Old

Come Play Marimba!  Experience a fun introduction to the musical African rhythms of Zimbabwe. Limit 10 students per class call 360-221-0663 to register.

Round Table -The Learning Lab at Langley - July 18th   Thursday 7-8:30pm

Subject: Fumes, Dyes, and Stains... Anything that gives wood color or enhances wood in any way is the topic of discussion. Everyone is Welcome.

Intro to Futsal {Free Soccer Clinic} - July 18th Thursday Main Gym

Futsal is a fast paced, 5v5 soccer game that originated in South America and spread quickly to Europe. Played indoors on a hard court surface, futsal is a game where technique, craftiness and speedy decision-making is developed. The futsal ball is different than a regular soccer ball. It is a low bounce ball that forces players to play the ball on the ground more than in the air. Players often face 1v1 situations in tight spaces and need to use their skills to help their team keep the ball. The emphasis on possession helps players develop great passing skill and vision that translates directly to outdoor soccer. Many of the best players in the world began as kids playing futsal, such as Pele, Ronaldo and Messi.

Session 1: 1pm- 2pm Ages 5-6, Session 2: 2pm- 3pm Ages 7-9, Session 3: 3pm- 4pm Ages 10-12 

The Backyard Open House! July 18th  Thursday 4-6pm

Come and play, ask questions, and learn more about The Backyard’s mission and community programs. Free family event (come on time, maximum 25 kids).

Summer Programs in Partnership with Sno-Isle Libraries - Click here for Sno-Isle Website

The planetarium from the Museum of Flight - June 20th Thursday The Multi-Purpose Gym

11:00 am One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure  4 - 6 years
This STEM-based experience is intended to teach students, educators and families about stars, constellations and the differences between the Moon and Earth, while promoting cross-cultural understanding. Big Bird, Elmo, and their new friend from China, Hu Hu Zhu, lead an interactive journey to the stars and Moon helping kids spot the Big Dipper, find the North Star and discover why you can’t fly a kite on the Moon.

 1:00 pm Our Changing Moon 2nd - 8th grade
Participants learn some history, mythology and science of the Moon, then enter our portable planetarium to see how the Moon moves across the sky and gain an understanding of its changing phases.

 2:30 pm Under the Night Sky  2nd -12th grade
Learn about the Solar System you call home. Explore planets, moons and more while learning about the motions and interactions of these amazing celestial objects. Supported by Friends of the Langley Library

Click here to Register for each session though though Sno-isle Libraries.

Explore Summer: Build a Solar Oven  Instructor Jayanne Bixby - June 27th Thursday at 1pm  Room 111  Ages 6 and up

Using a pizza box and some other simple materials, build a solar cooker. Then use the sun's energy to heat up a tasty treat! Supported by Friends of the Langley Library. No registration needed.

Paper Bag Stars Instructor Jayanne Bixby - July 8th  Monday at 3pm   Room 111 Ages 6 and up

Re-purpose paper lunch bags into giant 3D decorative stars. Supported by Friends of the Langley Library. No registration needed.

Explore Summer: You Are Here!  Instructor Jayanne Bixby - July 11th Thursday at 1pm  Room 111 Ages 5-11

How well do you know your galactic community? Come learn about the neighbors in our solar system and just how far we’d have to travel to visit them. Supported by Friends of the Langley Library. No registration needed.

Dream Catchers  Instructor Jayanne Bixby - July 15th  Monday at 3pm  Room 111 Ages 6 and up

Spin a beautiful web to tangle nightmares and free dreams. Supported by Friends of the Langley Library. No registration needed.

Explore Summer: A Sky Full of Stories  Instructor Lindsey Anderson - July 18th Thursday at 1pm Room 111 Ages 6 and up

Fiery balls of gas filling our night sky - stars are magical and filled with myth and legend. Discover the ways in which stars have mystified and inspired us to delve into the cosmos. Supported by Friends of the Coupeville Library. No registration needed..

Bubble Prints  Instructor Jayanne Bixby - July 22nd Monday at 3pm Room 111 Ages 6 and up

Combine bubbles and paint for some messy and creative fun! For ages 6 and up. Supported by Friends of the Langley Library.  No registration needed.  

Explore Summer: Intergalactic Adventures  Instructor Jane Lopez-Santillana - July 25th  Thursday at 1pm  Room 111 Ages 6 and up

Explore science fiction worlds created by writers and illustrators and weave your own intergalactic adventure tale! For ages 6 and up. Supported by Oak Harbor Friends of the Library.  No registration needed.

Painted Rock Photo Holder  Instructor Jayanne Bixby - July 29th   Monday at 3pm  Room 111 Ages 6 and up

Paint a rock, add wire and beads, and voila! Create a sculptural way to display your favorite photos. Supported by Friends of the Langley Library. No registration needed.

Explore Summer: Rocks in Space  Instructor  Tracy Miller - August 1st Thursday at 1pm Ages 5-11

Comet? Meteor? Asteroid? Why are there so many names for bits of rock in space? Join us and have fun exploring a universe of rocks. Supported by Friends of the Freeland Library. No registration needed.

Very Cool Dry Ice Science with Grinnin’ Fish - August 8th Thursday at 1pm  Room 111 Ages 6 and up

Explore and discover how truly cool dry ice can be! Literally cool, as in -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit cool! Explore the wonders, mist and mystique of dry ice! Funded by Friends of the Clinton Library. Register though the Sno-isle Libraries.

Readiness to Learn Sponsored

The StoryDome  (shows begin on the hour) - June 22nd  Saturday 11am -4pm

You’re invited to experience the awe and wonder of EARTH PORTAL: A Guided Tour of the Universe and Our Place in It — an immersive dome story for all ages.

The StoryDome is a portable planetarium that will make its new home at the South Whidbey Community Center and offer special educational programs for children and adults. Come share the excitement and learn more about the StoryDome Project. Free (no registration needed)

Open Lego Play with Ronin and Sophia - Tuesdays June and July Room 111

Session 1: 1pm - 2pm Ages 4-7: Learn basic Lego building techniques. Session 2: 2pm -3pm: Instructors will plan Lego challenges, create competitions and Lego fun activities. No registration needed.

For the Love of Math Instructor Natasha Zimmerman:  Monday & Wednesdays in July  Room 111

All of those who already love games and those who would be supported by positive mathematical experiences are welcome to join us.

Session 1: 10:30 am-12:00 1st-3rd Grade and Session 2:  12:30-2:00 2nd-4th Grade No registration needed                                                    

Week of Code Instructor Aidan Dona -  July 15-18 Monday – Thursday 12-1pm Room 111 Ages 10-14 

Student will be spending a week learning small basic programming.

If your child is interested in coding , this is the class for them.  Limit 10 students call 360-221-0663 to register.


Pay to Play - Presented by our campus partners in their own programming

Pour Painting Class with Steve and Laura Preciado - June 30th 3pm

 Class is for adults and children 16 or older. The registration fee benefits the scholarship fund at Readiness to learn

 $25 person or $60 for a Group (up to 3 people) Material fee of $5 per canvas you use in the class, payable on day of class.

 Pour painting is a form of abstract art that uses acrylic paints with a fluid consistency. The paints react with each other when combined together to make interesting, organic compositions.  Do you need an interesting piece of art for a room and need certain colors to make it work? Join us for an afternoon of fun and create that piece of art you can call your own!

Register at SWCC Office or Email: (Must pay when registering.)

TIGER MARTIAL ARTS July and August - Click here for website

Tuesdays and Thursdays

3-3:45pm Yellow and White belt  8 Years and Up

4-4:45pm Yellow and White belt 6 and 7 Years

5-5:45pm Orange and Junior Black belt 6-7:30pm All Adults


10-10:45am Kids Program all Ranks

11-11:45am Kids Sparring

12-12:45pm Black Belt Club

1-1:30pm Little Tigers


Little Tigers - 4 classes a month - $55 8 classes a month - $100
4 classes a month - $60
8 classes a month - $108
Unlimited classes - $130
Black Belt Club - $130
Adult Drop Ins $15 per class paid before class.

 Contact Sensei Wendi 360-632-9629 or

The Backyard - Click here for website

An alternative fitness playground making indoor play and quality fitness available for all people.

 The Backyard July 13th Thursday Nerf Night! 5:15-8pm 5-14 Years $20/child

 August 5th -7th Monday-Wednesday MOVE YOUR BODY SUMMER CAMP! 9:30-12:30pm Structured play and coach-led games! Includes a Backyard kids t-shirt. 5-12 years old. Spots are limited. $125/child **Early Bird Pricing**UNTIL 6/14**: $100/child

Sarah & Zach Ruggenberg, 425.299.4178


PLAY MARIMBA SUMMER CAMP! Click here for website

Summer Fun for all ages

Experience fun rhythms, melodies, and harmonies during this culturally rich and fun summer music experience!  Rubatano Center welcomes guest teachers John Mambira and Tafadzwa Matiure to Whidbey to teach marimba, percussion, drums, singing and dancing from their native country. Explore the culture of Zimbabwe through music, art, and games.  All musical levels AND beginners encouraged to come play!

July 22-26 Mon-Friday 9:30-12:30pm Kids, 5 Days Age 8-14 $195

 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday July 22, 23 25, 26 - 6:30-8:30pm Adults 4 Days $195

Register Now for July-August Camp sessions! 360-661-6187

Whidbey Children’s Theatre Click here for website

Whidbey Children’s Theatre is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of youth by creating opportunities to discover, experience, and participate in the performing arts. We set the stage so kids can make magic!

Check out their website for summer fun!
Ann M. Johnson, 360.221.8707,

South Whidbey Children’s Center - Click here for website

Provides before and after school care    Kindergarten to 5th grade. Open 6:30 am to 5:30 pm. Also half day and holiday care. Fun, safe place where kid enjoy being kids. Art, cooking projects, local field trips, outside play and games. Accepts DSHS Working Connections, and limited tuition assistance if needed.

Check out their website for summer fun!


Island Dance and Gymnastics - Click here for website

Summer schedule is from July 20 - August 16.

Dance intensive for upper level students August 5 - 16. Dancers will take two classes per week or may add classes during 4 week period. Adult classes start one week earlier for five weeks, one class weekly.

See website for styles of dance presented.

Registration is at Island Dance 714 Camano Ave, Langley Mon - Thurs 3pm - 7pm & Sat 10am - 3pm. Contact: or 360-341-1282

South Whidbey Crossfit - Click here for website

We designed our on-ramp program for individuals new to CrossFit style workouts. This 6-class, two-week program teaches you some of the fundamental movements of CrossFit, along with ways you can modify workouts to fit your intensity and fitness needs.  Once you feel ready, you'll have the option to choose from any of our class offerings and enjoy

the path to a healthier, fitter you with your new fitness family!

Meaningful Movement Dance and Yoga - Click here for website

Ages 7-12 | $45 Summer Sessions Wednesdays

Session 1 - June 5th- 26th, Session 2 - July 10-31, Session 3 - August 7-28

Creative Dance - Ages 4-6 – 3:00-4:00 $60

Me & Mine -  Ages 1.5-3 - 4:15-4:45 $40

Creative Dance - 1st-6th grade - 5:00-6:00 $60

Yoga for kids - 1st-6th grade 6:00-7:00 $60

CAMPS - Hip Hop Aug. 26th,  Ballet June 24th,  Jazz July 29th 2-5pm

Give your child the chance to experience different styles of dance this summer! Ages 7-12 | $45 per camp

Each camp will include a technique class, history lesson and routine in the selected style of dance.

Visit website for more Info.  360-322-4284

Whidbey Futsal Camp - Click here for website

Summer Mini-Camp: August 19-21 (Monday-Wednesday) 9AM-Noon Ages 6-11, $80 per player.

Includes Camp T-Shirt. Will consist of skills training, games, and “World Cup” Tournament.

Limited to 24 players. Coach/Player ratio capped at 8:1 “FUTURE STARS FUTSAL ACADEMY”


October 18, 25 - November 1, 8, 15, 22 - Ages 6-8: 4-5:15pm - Ages 9-11: 5:15-6:30pm

Each session will consist of 30 minutes of technical skills work and 45 minutes of game play.

Limited to 24 players. Coach/Player ratio capped at 8:1. Cost: $60/player. Includes Academy T-shirt.

Contact: Brian Iblings 727-212-1381        Facebook: Whidbey Futsal Club

The Learning Lab at Langley - Click here for website

The Learning Lab is comprised of The Wood Shop, The Kitchen, and The Garden/Greenhouse and located in the new South Whidbey Community Center (old Middle School) and just behind WICA, behind The Children's Theater, behind Whidbey Dance Theater, behind the old Bus Barn.

Sponsored by:   Living Design Foundation Tel: 970-381-4091

Sat Jun 1st 9-11am "Circular Saw Intensive" $75

Mon Jun 3rd 6-9pm "Card and Cabinet Scrapers" $35

Tue Jun 4th 5pm-8pm "Wood Shop 2.0" - 4 Sessions $350

Wed Jun 5th 6-9pm "Shop Time" Practice & Finish-up $20

Wed Jun 5th 6-8:30pm “Wed Nite Free Carving" -Free-

Sat Jun 6th 6-9pm “Know Your Wood” – 2 day $60

Thu Jun 8th 9-5pm "Footstool Classic" $190

Thu Jun 8th 9-5pm "Carving" Chicken Caricature $150

Mon Jun 10th 6-9pm "Shop Drawing" 2 day $90

Wed Jun 12th 6-9pm "Shop Time" Practice & Finish-up $20

Wed Jun 12th 6-8:30pm “Wed Nite Free Carving" -Free-

Sat Jun 15th 8:30am-Noon "Handheld Power Tools" $100

Sat Jun 15th 1-4pm "Traditional Spoon Carving" $40

Wed Jun 19th 6-9pm “Sharpening” $60

Wed Jun 19th 6-9pm "Shop Time" Practice & Finish-up $20

Wed Jun 19th 6-8:30pm “Wed Nite Free Carving" -Free-

Thu Jun 20th 7-8:30pm "Round Table" -Free-

Fri Jun 21st 6-9pm "Carving Knife Making" - 2 day $120

Sat Jun 22nd 9-11am "Circular Saw Intensive" $75

Mon Jun 24th 6-9pm “Intro To Hand Tools” $45

Wed Jun 26th 6-9pm "Hand Plane" Tune/Renew/Sharp $60

Wed Jun 26th 6-9pm "Shop Time" Practice & Finish-up $20

Wed Jun 26th 6-8:30pm “Wed Nite Free Carving" -Free-

Thu Jun 27th 6-8pm “SHOP SAFETY” (required) $25

Tue July 2nd 5pm-8pm "Wood Shop 2.0" - 5 Sessions $400

Wed July 3rd 6-9pm "Shop Time" Practice & Finish-up $20

Wed July 10th 6-9pm "Shop Time" Practice & Finish-up $20

Mon July 15th 9-5pm "Instrument Making" - Banjo $695

Wed July 17th 6-9pm "Shop Time" Practice & Finish-up $20

Thu July 18th 7-8:30pm "Round Table" -Free-

Sat July 20th 9-5pm "Bird Carving" 3 day $185

Wed July 24th 6-9pm "Shop Time" Practice & Finish-up $20

Wed July 31st 6-9pm "Shop Time" Practice & Finish-up $20

 Any questions? Call 360-221-0663 or email

Office Hours for Summer are 9am - 5pm Monday - Thursday