South Whidbey, as a community, cares about families.  There are many organizations that can assist when help is needed.  Our goal is to make it easier for people to find that information.  


South Whidbey School District:

Address: 5520 Maxwelton Road, Langley, WA 98260

Phone:  (360) 221-6100 District Office  (360) 221-5209 Transportation



South Whidbey Elementary School:

Address:  5380 S. Maxwelton Rd. Langley, WA 98260

Phone:  (360) 221-4600 main office  (360) 221-6808 ext. 4406 attendance

SWEPTA Website:

South Whidbey Middle School:

Address: 5675 Maxwelton Road Langley, WA 98260

Phone: (360) 221-4300 main office  (360) 221-0937 attendance

South Whidbey High School:

Address:  5675 Maxwelton Road Langley, WA 98260

Phone:  (360) 221-4300 main office  (360) 221-0937 attendance

SWHS PTSA Website:

SWHS Athletic Boosters Website

South Whidbey Academy:

Address:  5476 Maxwelton Road Langley, WA 98260

Phone:  (360) 221-7879 main office


Coupeville School District:

Address: 501 South Main Street, Coupeville, WA 98239

Phone:  (360) 678-2404  District Office



Coupeville Elementary School:

Address:  6 South Main Street Coupeville, WA 98239

Phone:  (360) 678-2470 main office

Coupeville Middle School:

Address:  501 South Main Street Coupeville, WA 98239

Phone:  (360) 221-678-2410 main office

Coupeville High School:

Address:  501 South Main Street Coupeville, WA 98239

Phone:  (360) 678-2410 main office



FOOD (South Whidbey):

Good Cheer Food Bank:

Q: When is the Food Bank open?

A: The Food Bank at Bayview is open six days a week: Mondays 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Tuesdays noon to 7 p.m.; and Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Q: How does a person access the Food Bank?

A: Just show up.  When a new client comes into Good Cheer Food Bank, they are greeted at the check-in desk and asked for their address and a piece of mail that shows that address as their home. If they do not have a permanent address, they are noted as homeless. The only other information needed is how many people are living in the household and their ages. Good Cheer does not ask for proof of income because Food Lifeline and Northwest Harvest who provide thousands of pounds  of free food to us do not allow that to be a part of our determination process. We also would not have access to such private information without spending money on the verification process. That would be money not going to food.

Once all the information is entered in our database, the client is given a certain amount of points to use in the Food Bank. Clients are given a base of 70 points, plus ten extra points for every member of the household up to 50 points for a total maximum of 120 points to use per month. For instance, a family of four would receive 100 points a month to spend on selection of food in the Food Bank.

The food in the Food Bank is assigned a particular amount of points which is determined by nutrition and cost. There are also limits placed on some foods such as chickens, eggs, peanut butter and other commodities so we can be sure to have enough for everyone who comes to the Food Bank. The better the nutritional value, the lower the points on many items which is our way to encourage healthier eating. For example, the fresh organic produce out of our garden will take fewer points to get than a can of processed chili. The hope is to provide enough nutrition for a person to be able to eat all month long.

Address: 2812 Grimm Road Langley, WA 98260

Phone:  (360) 221-6454 ext. 1


W.I.N. (Whidbey Island Nourishes):

Back Pack Program:

WIN OPERATES A BACK PACK PROGRAM during the school year for any family that signs up to receive lunches on the weekends. Each family can sign up as many children as they have in the home. Lunches are prepared each Thursday for the kids to take home on the bus after school.

The lunches are extra large and include:

  • 2 sandwiches

  • 2 yogurts

  • 2 pieces of fresh fruit

  • 2 bags of fresh veggies (may include cherry tomatoes, carrot and celery sticks, snap peas, broccoli)

  • 2 servings of string cheese

  • trail mix and

  • a home baked muffin or bar

We provide these lunches so the kids will have nutritious food for lunch and snacks on the weekends when school is not in session. Families can choose to continue getting these lunches in the summer and pick them up at the Good Cheer Food Bank and The Hub in Langley. We also have bagged lunches at the Food Bank for kids even if the families don’t sign up for a weekly delivery.


WE HAVE AN EXTENSIVE Self-Serve operation with prepared lunches available upon request at the Good Cheer Food Bank.

We have two free self-service fridges of food:
They are located in the Good Cheer Thrift Stores and available during store hours of 9:30am - 5pm, 7 Days a Week

We also provide supplemental food to:
South Whidbey Children's Center in Langley
Family Resource Center at the SW Community Center
And the South Whidbey Academy has a refrigerator stocked so teens can take home food after school for an evening meal.

Address: PO Box 1642 Langley WA 98260

Phone: (360) 221-7787


WIC (Women, Infants, Children):

Address: 5475 Maxwelton Road Langley

Phone: (360) 221-8880

FOOD (Central Whidbey):

Gifts from the Heart Food Bank (Central Whidbey Island Only):

Distribution Information:

We distribute food on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. except December when it is the first and third Wednesdays.

We also distribute at the Greenbank Progressive Hall located on the corner of Bakken and Firehouse Road.

* Address: 203 North Main Street  Coupeville, WA 98239 (Building shared with the Boys and Girls Club)

Phone:  (360)-678-8312



WIC (Women, Infants, Children):

Address:   1791 NE 1st Ave Oak Harbor  

Phone: (360) 240-5554 ext. 46





Opportunity Council:

Homeless Housing

Provides support services and housing for families and individuals. Our housing facilities in Island Counties include both short-term housing (30 – 90 days), transitional housing (6 months – 2 years), and permanent housing. Call for more information. Island County- (360) 679-6577 or 1-800-317-5427 

Marjie’s House

A housing facility in Oak Harbor that provides both short-term and transitional housing for women and children. (360) 679-6577 or 1-800-317-5427 (Island County)

Supportive Services for Veteran Familes (SSVF)

The Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program provides housing and support services to those who have served in active military, naval or air service and their families.   The program aims to serve those that are at risk of homelessness or who are homeless.  (360) 679-6577 (Island County)

Eviction-prevention - call for more information

Address: 1791 NE 1st Ave. (P.O. Box 922) Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Phone: (360) 679-6577  or (800) 317-5427


Housing Authority of Island County:

Phone Number:  (360) 678-4181

6 months to a year waiting list for assistance

Opportunity Council: Saratoga Community Housing (low income housing in Langley): 

Phone Number:  (360) 331–4248

For Teens Only- Ryan's House:

Phone Number:  (206) 356-2405 or (360) 331-4575

Ryan's House has a van that carries supplies and can provide information.  Current schedule for the van is 2-4 PM Monday located at the HUB (Langley United Methodist Church) parking lot, Tues in Coupeville, Thurs in Oak Harbor.  Call for more information.

You can receive help even without being a formal client.  

Ryan's House also offers a Host Family Program, which pairs unaccompanied youth (teens living on their own without shelter) with local families.  Call for more information.

Hearts and Hammers:

Hearts and Hammers of South Whidbey Island is a local non-profit organization that brings together hundreds of volunteers annually to help repair and rehabilitate homes of those who are physically or financially unable to do the work alone.

The annual Hearts and Hammers workday is on the first Saturday of May each year.
A typical volunteer effort would include repairs and renovations possible within the scope of a one day work party; projects such as carpentry, plumbing and electrical repairs, painting, weatherization, roof and gutter repair, yard cleanup, and trash removal, the installation of wheelchair ramps, railings and grab bars.

Homeowners can start signing up for the May work day in October.

If you have an immediate need involving health and safety in your home please call now at (360) 221-6063 and let us know. Hearts and Hammers offers help throughout the year for homeowners with emergency needs who cannot wait for the annual May workday

Phone Number:  (360) 221-6063




Catholic Community Services:

Phone Number:  (206) 328-5701

Island County Community Counseling Connections:

Island County Community Counseling Connections Program links people who do not have access to mental health services, and who do not have the resources to pay for mental health services to limited counseling services from private mental health professionals in the community. After an initial interview for screening a case manager will help develop a plan for care, the client will be responsible for a co-pay at each session (based on income) with 3 to 9 nine sessions provided.

Phone Number:  (360) 678-7882

Other Public Mental Health Services in Island County:

Care Crisis Line

1 (800) 584 – 3578

Access Line for Outpatient Services

1 (888) 693 – 7200

Compass Health Island

(360) 678 – 5555

Mental Health Ombuds

Complaint resolution for clients

(360) 416 – 7004

North Sound Mental Health

(360) 416 – 7013

Other Public Mental Health Services in Washington State:

Drug Rehab in Washington


There’s help for people recovering from addiction in the state of Washington. You can find treatment and take your first steps on the path toward recovery today. -

Links:   ·



DSHS Childcare Benefits:

Phone Number: (877) 501-2233

Can provide financial assistance for childcare expenses.  Call to find out if you qualify.

The Woods of Wonder: Located in Freeland, WA

Phone Number:  (360) 221-7043

Home daycare and preschool environment for children 1-5 years of age

Rates: $35 full day, $15 half day - healthy lunch and snacks provided

The South Whidbey Children's Center: Located in Langley, WA

Phone Number:  (360) 221 – 4499

The South Whidbey Children's Center provides developmentally appropriate, progressive, curriculum- based early learning and childcare for children twelve months to twelve years.

We believe that children are competent and curious learners and we meet them where they are to provide active learning opportunities.

Our low teacher-child ratio encourages children to develop trusting relationships with adults and allows teachers to facilitate children's social-emotional development. Children have access to a variety of materials with which they acquire meaningful knowledge and develop an understanding of the natural world around them.

Rates:  visit the website for more information 

Fees based on a 12-month contract. We have an annual registration fee of $50.00 per child. A $200 “holding fee” will be charged for children not attending for one month’s time or more who would like to return to our program. Tuition will be increased 3-6% annually for a cost of living adjustment. *We have a 2 half day minimum at our Center and no minimum for our school age program.

New families, holding a spot for more than 3 weeks will pay a $250.00 non- refundable deposit when pre-registering.

We accept DSHS and have scholarship dollars from United Way and the Arise Women’s Charitable Trust. Scholarships determined based on individual family circumstances.

Please inquire about scholarships through our director 

Toddle Inn: Located in Clinton

An early-learning and daycare facility for children ages 4 weeks to 5 years old. It’s the only state-licensed infant daycare on South Whidbey. 

There’s no extra charge for the preschool program. The center works with the state Department of Social and Health Services, and there’s a discount for additional children in a family.

Phone Number:  360-679-1039


Washington State Health Care Authority:

The Washington State Health Care Authority oversees the state’s two top health care purchasers — Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) and the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) Program, as well as other programs.

Washington Apple Health:

In Washington State, Medicaid is called Washington Apple Health. Coverage is free for those who qualify.

Phone Number:   855-923-4633


South Whidbey Community Clinic:

Phone Number: 360-341-5252

Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5:00 PM

Health Department Resources:

  • South Whidbey office located in the Parks and Recreation building on Maxwelton Road in Langley.

  • Immunization nurse is there Monday Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Nurse is scheduled for five days a week.

  • For WIC appointments - call 360-221-8880

Phone Number: 360-221-8482

Friends of Friends:

Phone Number: 360-221-4535

  • Assists with medical bills, medication costs, and costs of transportation related to medical needs

  • Helps on a case by case basis – no limit but might have to be selective about assistance

  • Applicants who need meds after being discharged from Whidbey General Hospital are directed to WGH Foundation for that help

  • Recognize that a letter is not a viable option for some of population due to their housing status, education level or other barrier, so call or coming by is now acceptable.

Community Health Centers of Snohomish County: 

Phone Number (Everett): (425) 551 – 6001

Sea Mar Dental Clinic: 

Phone Number: (206) 679 – 9216

UW Dental School Clinic:

Phone Number: (206) 616 – 6996


Island Transit:

Phone Numbers:  (360) 678 – 7771      (800) 240 – 8747      (360) 321 – 6688



CADA (Citizens Against Domestic Abuse):

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic or sexual violence, CADA can help.  They provide free and confidential assistance to victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, elder abuse, stalking, child abuse or neglect.

CADA services include a 24-hour crisis line, crisis intervention, advocacy, safety planning, legal advocacy, court support, medical advocacy, information and referral to community resources and emergency shelter.  We also offer community education programs to youth and adults.

Phone Number: 360-675-2232 or 800-215-5669



 Playscape (a program of Mother Mentors):

Playscape is an indoor play space for children and their caregivers birth to five located just off of Maxwelton Road at the South Whidbey Primary School Campus (where the South Whidbey Academy and the South Whidbey Family Resource Center is housed in Langley.)

It is open for use Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30-11:30am

Toddler Learning Center:

Children ages 0-5 found to have developmental delays can be enrolled in programs to help them catch up before they begin school as kindergarteners.

Phone Number:  360- 679 – 1039

ECEAP (Early Childhood Education Assistance Program offered through Skagit Valley College and the Washington State Department of Early Learning):

Free preschool and family support program aged three to five.  Children must be three by August 31st and your family must meet the income guidelines to qualify.  ECEAP is offered to South Whidbey Families on the South Whidbey Primary School Campus located off of Maxwelton Road in Langley.  To apply call the phone number below:

Phone Number:  360-679-5348

Mother Mentors:

Community volunteers, also known as mentors, donate their time for a minimum of six months to help parents of infants with everything from simple tasks, such as preparing a meal or reading a story to a sibling, to more demanding needs like helping with the young children. Volunteer mentors undergo background checks and are required to complete training before being matched with a family. Mentors attend monthly sessions to share their experiences, learn new skills, and interact with one another and other community professionals. In addition to providing parents with a break and stress relief, mentors learn to recognize the signs of problems in the home, including postpartum depression and child maltreatment, and also learn to refer parents to community resources. Mentors establish rapport, help parents gain a sense of belonging in the community, encourage self-care, and support parents in gaining new skills and learning about child development.

Mother Mentors serves all kinds of families: first-time parents; families with twins; families with or two or three children under the age of five; single parents; parents of children with special needs; multi-generational families; and families who are dealing with illness. We are available to visit any families with children aged five and younger.

Services are free of charge and are provided in the family’s home. At least one parent or caregiver must be in attendance at all times when a mentor is present in the home.

Phone Number: 888-265-6151 or 360-321-1484


Pregnancy Aid:

Phone Number: 360-221-4767

Location: 816 Camano Ave. Langley (call to make an appointment)



Helping Hand:

They can assist with energy bills, and occasional misc. needs.

Phone Number: 360-221-7777

Location: 816 Camano Ave. Langley

Opportunity Council:

Connects people in Island County with community resources to help meet basic needs such as food and housing, community voice mail, including referrals for housing and rental assistance.  

Energy Assistance Program: Helps pay home energy costs for eligible households. For an energy assistance appointment, call: (360) 679-6577 or 1-800-317-5427 (Island County)

Phone Number:  (360) 679-6577 or 1-800-317-5427


Location: 1791 N.E. 1st Ave., Oak Harbor 

Open 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. or walk-in appointments