R.A.C.E  Mission Statement

We educate ourselves and our community about effective responses to racial and ethnic biases. We raise awareness of the existence of systemic inequity. We create safe spaces for people impacted by these injustices.

 Real Actions Create Equity

R.A.C.E is a group that operates under the umbrella of Readiness to Learn.

It's our goal to work hand in hand with the schools to educate, inform and uplift staff and students to be stronger community members. R.A.C.E gathers resources from the community, whether it’s guest speakers or story-tellers.  These resources will then be shared with the schools and community.

Get Involved

If you would like to collaborate or share ideas with RACE feel free to contact the organization at race@readinesstolearn.org


Need Support  

Contact R.A.C.E race@readinesstolearn.org or call 360-221-6808 Ext. 3143

Events - Held so far

Ethnic Hair Care Nov/8/18

Racial Justice Potluck  Nov 15/18

Fifth and Sixth Grade teacher workshop “ How to implement diversity in your lessons”    1/16/19

Martin Luther King Assembly Feb/2019

Black History Assembly

K-4 Teacher Equity Workshop  3/6/19

Teacher Appreciation “Token of Love” 3/28/19

Black History Month Resources

Classroom Resources

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Real Actions Create Equity