RTLF has a long history of financial integrity. Our financial plan is built on a solid foundation of diversified funding streams, including continued community support.  

Award winning programs do not come without qualified staff, technology, space, evaluation tools, or research and development.  Invest in the Readiness To Learn Foundation and be a part of the continued health and vibrance of your community.

If helping children is your passion and you would like more information regarding how you can make a financial difference in your community, please click here to contact us.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Today is the day we all can make a change in the world.  

Every investor, every dollar contributed allows us to reach more families and help more children experience success.  The need is great, but so is our community’s potential to meet it.

Our generous donors include local community organizations, individual donors, and private foundations:

Discuren Foundation, Northwest Children’s Fund, Island Thrift, Greater Everett Community Fund, Wells Fargo, Horizons Foundation, Arise, Harbor Haven, Tulalip Tribes, the Medina Foundation, Christian Life Center, Trinity Lutheran Church, St. Hubert Catholic Church, and you?

Contact us for more information on how you can become a financial partner with RTLF.

*The Readiness To Learn Foundation is a non-profit as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.  Our tax ID number is 91-1864751.